Gravel Street Under My Feet

by Pits

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Recorded all at once in the basement of The Asbestos Farm in Hadley, MA on April 31st, 2015.


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Pits Hadley, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Gasoline Clothing
We're all running around with gasoline clothing on,
And a strike anywhere match, hanging from our mouths like a tongue.
It all falls around like snow, except no one is catching it on their tongues. Because the taste of life is bitter. The taste of life is dull.
Track Name: Distracted
Red necks on pit bikes riding through this city like they own the place. I am too distracted to drive, it is far to hot out side.

I won't be coming around anymore, and I forgot your name. I am running underwater, and I'm out of breath. My shoes are filled with concrete, and they're wearing me down. They're wearing me down. You are wearing me down.

Friends are like your favorite pair of socks. They will fill with holes but I will try my best to mend them. But sometimes they will just end up in the landfill too.

You said I had my fathers way, but it turns out you're wrong. You were the one sculpting this life, but you're doing it wrong. Now I am stuck here running in place, for the rest of my days. For the rest of my days, oh what a daze.
Track Name: Adorned In Furs
You wear black, and you smell like the earth. You never cared for a lousy purse. You got me sea sick in your bed of waves. Embraced in your tentacle ways. Please don't let go.

You're adorned in furs from wild beasts. You use their bones to pick your teeth. Thousands of people pass under you. I was silly in wishing you were twenty two, and here to stay.
Track Name: Taking Up Space
My mind is far too loud in my head, I can't hear this. So I have not eaten in a week, I am boney at the cheeks.

My skin is made from fibrous paper, please leave me in the rain so death my friend will take me by the hand, because I am done here.

I am trying to walk, but I am only standing in place.
I am trying to think for myself, but my thoughts are replaced.
I am trying to live, but I am only taking up space.

I am sorry for this matter of fact. I will be gone soon.
Track Name: Something In Between
I haven't seen human skin in years. Because all of my friends are digital these days. How I'm longing to feel your breath when you are speaking to me. But I can't, there's something in between.

How come I feel so lonesome when you are all in my hand. Going everywhere with me in the pocket of my pants. It is not easy being surrounded and lonely. Being surrounded by me.